At Panasian Power PLC, we are driven with the aim of creating a sustainable energy revolution in the country which would lead to numerous economic advantages over the coming years. Our operational processes align with the community-based power generation project named "Soorya Bala Sangramaya" ( Battle for Solar Energy) which was launched by the Ministry of Power and Renewable Energy in collaboration with Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority, Ceylon Electricity Board and Lanka Electricity Company (Private) Limited to contribute in this national energy transition. In preparation for this energy revolution, at Panasian Power PLC, we have extended our hands in providing end-to-end services in generating renewable energy. Our team is specialized in delivering commercial and industrial renewable energy solutions to assist our clients with alternative solutions for their ever-increasing energy costs. Our clients can save on their electricity costs and make additional profits by using clean, renewable energy while also benefitting the environment.


At Panasian Power PLC, our industry experts are specialized in Engineering, Procurement and Construction services. Under EPC, our team implements sustainable and renewable power supply projects which adhere to international standards.

Roof Rental Model

Panasian Power was one of the pioneers of the roof rental model in Sri Lanka for rooftop solar. PAP specializes in commercial and industrial rooftop installations and is one of the largest listed rooftop asset owners in Sri Lanka. We will rent the roof space from you and install a solar plant, and in return we will pay you a rent. This can be at no cost to you and we have options where ownership of the solar plant transfers to you after a number of years at no cost. Our team of professionals will carry out the entire process from initial design to installation ensuring little to no disruption to your business.

Zero Investment Model

Saving energy is beneficial and our zero investment model can be more beneficial. Under this model, all the expenditures are provided by us.

Joint Venture Model

Under the joint venture model, the owner of the building and we jointly bear the expenses of the overall energy generation project and share in the rewards. Through this scheme customers can benefit from returns of 18%+.

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