Our continuous effort to achieve sustainable growth has marked economic viability, environmental protection and social equity as three key pillars of our sustainable approach. PAP green, cleaner energy generation has made a positive contribution towards achieving the nation's sustainable development. We have incorporated these values of sustainability for our operational processes over a decade and will continue to enhance our strategies in the coming years.




Environment & Social
Management System

Our Environment and Social Management System (ESMS) performs a fundamental role in our sustainability framework where we focus on adhering to mandatory regulations and conditions of our stakeholders employing a comprehensive Environment and Social Management System. As an IFC invested company, we also adhere to IFC (International Finance Corporation; A member of World Bank Group) Performance Standards on environmental compliance to establish the ESMS.

Our ESMS includes Environmental Policy and Objectives of the company, acceptable procedures across construction and operation stages of projects including land purchase/lease, process of impact assessment and clearance for new projects, environment and social due diligence of a new acquisition, instructions & conditions on executing projects in foreign countries, indicators and frequency for environment monitoring programs, roles/responsibilities of the management team, stakeholder engagement process across the project life cycle and the budget provisioning for covering the above aspects.

An auditing process is applied to monitor the status of ESMS. As we operate our executions according to our sustainable framework, we include guidelines that need to be followed in the subcontractor’s agreement. In addition, we adopt a responsible and transparent approach when dealing with environmental management plans. We implement these strategies under our environmental and social management system initiative as we understand the value of establishing an environment which is favorable for all living beings.

Social and Environment Management Policy

PAP’s environmental impact minimised through our Environmental and Social Management System which has been developed in line with IFC Performance Standards.

We, PANASIAN POWER PLC, are committed to protect the environment at all time by becoming the global leader in diversified renewable energy solutions while fulfilling the below requirements

Minimize the negative environmental and social impacts associated with power generation while practicing pollution prevention.

Utilize natural resources in a sustainable way to generate renewable energy while promoting maximum resource efficiency.

Promote continual improvement of compliance of the system with all applicable environmental laws and regulations while committing to biodiversity protection and conservation.

CSR Projects

Panasian Power PLC conducts Corporate Social Responsibility projects with the mission of serving humanity and empowering communities through goodwill. We have invested in many community welfare activities and donations for community events throughout our journey. We recently implemented an impact-driven CSR framework that aligns with United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.

Adding momentum to PAP’s sustainability ethos, PAP collaborated with Marine Environment Protection Authority (MEPA) initiated the beach clean-up at Dehiwala beach stretch to commemorate the World Ocean Day. Over 30 PAP’s employees participated in this worthy cause. An 800m beach stretch, polluted with lots of plastics, glass, rubber, and other debris was cleaned up. Dehiwala Municipal Council responsibly disposed of the collected waste.

The blood donation camp was organized in association with the National Blood Center. Several enthusiastic participants including employees and their direct family members, friends, and volunteers participated in the noble cause. The program continued for the whole day with full enthusiasm. Blood donation is a noble cause and every blood doners has contributed towards community development. We’ll continue to associate ourselves with the National Blood Center for such initiatives.

PAP teamed up to provide a bright start to the school year for area teachers and students. Across its project sites, the PAP team donated more than 5,000 school supplies to benefit Motagedara Bandaranayake MW Kekanadura  – Matara  and CP/ Batagollagama Vidyalaya Walapane.PAP conducts its first school supply drive this year and plans to continue collecting school supply donations on an annual basis.